PIERRE DEGUARA REAL ESTATE AGENT : DEGUARA your estate agent in Montpellier

Photo de notre agence immobilière à Montpellier Photo de notre agence immobilière à Montpellier

Present in the region for over 35 years, our agency regularly develops its activity on the market of residential and commercial real estate. We offer a wide range of real estate products for private individuals and professionals: Apartments, houses, villas, land, investments and investments in the Hérault and the neighboring departments. Our agency based in Montpellier also has a branch in Sète.

On the other hand our business: ''Business, commercial premises and walls, right to lease, offices, enterprises'' covers all the department of Herault, both in major cities of the region as Montpellier, Sète, Béziers, on their cities and on the coast from La Grande Motte in Agde, in through Palavas, Frontignan, Sète.

As part of our business or residential real estate companies and businesses, we provide you a complete case tracking, estimating the signing of the final deed of sale. State diagnostics and Carrez law for apartments, houses, villas and buildings.

Study of balance sheets, commercial leases, financing plan for retail funds. Setting up the sales agreement, followed by financing and various approvals.

If you are sellers of residential and commercial property (apartment, house, villa, land, business or corporate funds), we ensure, in the utmost discretion, an estimate consistent with the market and presenting serious customers.

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